More Benefits of Massage

The benefits of sports massage are numerous and varied as it is a technique that increases performance and overall benefits for the entire body.

Depending on the time during which it is applied, a calming or stimulating will create a very beneficial opportunity for the athlete to recycle sports or damage in a shorter time and help prevent sports injuries.

Sports mssage therapy creates a very positive response in the body and promotes a self-regulatory processes, strengthens natural defence mechanisms and significantly reduces the risk of drug treatment.

A brief history of sports massage

We have seen that sports massage has been known since ancient times and was part of the sport and sport system for many people in the world.

Russian athletes, long before the Americans began to systematically use sports massages, especially during meetings and sporting events.

Currently, massage is generally included in the education and the great movement of basic gymnastics.

What is Sports Massage?

It is a set of manual techniques performed before, during and after sports activities for preventive and / or therapeutic. These are some techniques associated with: stretching, cyriax, knocking, cryotherapy … among other things.

Sports massage is different than it is restricted in sports, both at the level of exercise and competition (before, during and after that).

The main purpose is to prepare athletes so that you can do intense physical activity and avoid muscle spasms or other sports injuries, and eliminate toxins and relax after sports.

Advantages of Sports Massage

There are many benefits of sports massage generated by this set of technicians on our body. Below are some major importance for the type of treatment you define.

To highlight in particular:

  • About the Muscle System: Creates a stimulating effect and increases muscle contractility. Lindra, facilitates relaxation and elasticity of the tissues.
  • The nervous system: sedative and analgesic with reflex actions that affect the central nervous system or the release of endorphins that override the pain sensations in the brain system.
  • On the circulatory system: increased blood flow leads to enrichment of oxygen and blood return nutrients.
  • Increase the effect of lymphatic flow.
  • Output favor toxic waste

How to be an athletic coach

An athletic coach is a professional responsible for controlling physical integrity athletes before, during and after training or contest, and in the various stages of sports injuries, along with the physician, physiotherapist, coach, psychologist and, of course, coaches.

What tools do you use to get sports injuries?

The Chiropractor sports has more ways to recover the injured athlete, from his manual skills to advanced knowledge.

We will discuss some of the most used today:


Before the damage occurs:

Examination biomechanical and muscular.
Sport nutrition.
Muscle gain.
Gestures sports correction.

During sports injury:

Rice reduction: (rest, ice, compression, height).
Swelling and pain (TENS, ultrasound …).
Proprioceptive rehabilitation.
Muscle gain.

After a sports injury:

Strengthen muscles injured area.
Demonstration download.
Formation control.
The competition control.

If you are interested in expanding their knowledge of this discipline, there are specialised courses that teach it.

Here are some sports massage providers in Leamington Spa. Contact us to be listed here.

Faye Barr Sports Massage

Brian Jones Sports and Rehab
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